July 1 - 14, 2003






Says The State Should No Longer Use The American Flag

By Betsy R. Vasquez


July 7, 2003 – 
George Will is at it again.


ABC's favorite straight man - the man who puts a pleasant face on the hateful, dishonest, intolerant version of "conservatism" that Bush/Limbaugh Republicans embrace - has called Vermont a communist state and said it should not be represented by the American flag.


In a commentary carried by ABC News, he - via his usual dishonesty and reality manipulation - assaults one Vermonter after another, leading up to a declaration that, "Perhaps we should now think of Vermont not as a state, but as a commune — a commune whose flag should have the shape of an ice cream cone."


To arrive at this pathetic, Limbaugh-like conclusion, he steals a page from President Bush, feigning an inability to think intelligently.


All people with IQ's above 6 (which includes Mr. Will) know that Senator Jeffords left the Republican party and now votes with the Democrats not due to the fact that he suddenly became an un-American communist not deserving of living under the American flag, but because Jeffords found this new breed of Bush/Limbaugh Republican so dishonest and amoral - abusive to the environment, inspiring of hatred and division - that he no longer could, in good conscience, vote with or remain a part of the current Republican party.


Mr. Will knows this.  It is public record, it is what Senator Jeffords said, and it is not hard to see that this is in fact the case.


But in the typical Bush/Limbaughian way, any non-adherence to strict lockstep support of the President and his breed of conservatism is dubbed un-American - in this case, the pathetic, old, tired, outdated label of communist is brought back out by Will from the decade-dead Cold War.  The example of Jeffords bolting the Republican party is used by Will as evidence in his case that Vermont and everyone in it have fallen so far off the American map of sanity that the state is no longer a state but a communist entity.


To feign such ignorance when facts so clearly are present, and to throw around completely outdated and irrelevant terms show that Will, even as a spewer of dishonest and hateful rhetoric, has clearly lost his ability to even carry out that task.  He, like the phrases "commie pinko" and "red" were a decade ago, should be retired, ideally to some institution where he can be around similarly delusional people who are unable to recognize the current world around them and to function in it usefully.


To add to his dishonest Jeffords attack, he breaks out Ben and Jerry of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream.


Let me get this straight now, George.  To have two liberal businessmen in a state makes it a communist state that should not exist under the American flag?  What about states, like some of your favorites down south, that have more than two businessmen in them who sat before congress and declared, "I do not believe nicotine is addictive."  How should we label those states?  Or what about states that have 40 or 50 - or heck, a few thousand - Klansmen in them?  If simply having two liberal businessmen in a state make it a communist state, then states with hundreds or thousands of Klansmen or white supremacists must be called Nazi states, and should not fly the American flag either.


Most importantly, George, what should we call a "news" source that employs you as a commentator?  ABC News, as evidenced by its employment and propagation of George F. Will's un-American, hateful, dishonest propaganda, should be labeled just more corporate-owned-and-operated, Murdoch-like trash, and should exist not on American TV but on Soviet stations.  George, you, and anyone who would employ you, are the ones who most closely resemble the Soviet communists of old, so go there and live under the hammer and sickle flag - oh, wait, we who are not delusional from hatred realize that regime fell over a decade ago.


REFERENCE: Will's Commentary on ABC News.com





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