July 15 - 31, 2003




by Betsy R. Vasquez


JULY 28, 2003 – MOSCOW, RUSSIA – Enraged that their long-time domination of state-run, one-party supporting propaganda is being challenged by the Fox News Network, the old Soviet newspaper, Pravda, has filed a suit alleging copyright infringement.


“We wrote the book on this style of reporting,” Vadim Gorshenin, the current editor-in-chief and President of Pravda - which translates to mean ‘Truth,’ - said in an interview.  “It is inexcusable that Rupert Murdoch just went and stole our ‘tell-any-lie to support the Party,’ idea, and he should be paying royalties at the very least.”


Boris Yeltsin had closed down the old Soviet Government’s puppet mouthpiece in 1991, taking what he considered one of the most celebrated and important steps in moving away from the undemocratic, repressive, one-sided reporting the old regime had used to keep itself in power and squash dissent.  So important was closing Pravda, that Yeltsin did it on the very day Gorbachev resigned, the first day the old Communist Party officially ceased to exist.


Pravda has since re-opened and has come to reestablish itself as the faithful, one-sided puppet it used to be, this time with the stated mission of, “analyzing events from the point of view of the Party's interests.”


Gorshenin, charged with heading this reincarnation of the old Soviet’s favorite propaganda tool, was clearly furious at the creation of the Fox News Network.


“For generations we fought a Cold War against American values, like a free-press that reports many different view points, and puts facts and reality above what the Party leaders demand the people be told.  So many good Russians gave the best years of their lives to trying to promote one-sided, oppression-supporting information control.  I always dreamed one day Pravda would be the official newspaper of America as well as the Soviet Union."


“But now,” Gorshenin said tearfully, “that can never happen, because Murdoch has gone and created Fox News.  It is like a victory for us, but we get none of the spoils or profits.  Pravda has emerged in America, but it is called Fox News, and the commercial dollars from it go to Murdoch.  That will be fixed by the lawsuit, I hope.”


Asked why he thinks Murdoch beat him to the punch, Gorshenin credits one difference in the approach the former Soviet Union had taken and the approach Murdoch took.


“We wanted to impose a one-sided, one-party-supporting, opposition-attacking government puppet station in America, but we had planned on it being one that imposed the will of the Communist Party.  Rupert took the same oppressive, un-American format and instead uses it to puppet what the rich business owners of the Republican Party want him to force down the American people’s throats – that way he was able to get all sorts of financing to make it happen.”


However, Gorshenin is still unsure whether or not Murdoch’s idea will be successful in America.


“The nation held out against our attempts to turn them into an undemocratic, freedom-hating, war-loving nation for decades – and we had the second most powerful nation in the world’s history behind us.  Americans are a stubborn lot, and really hate propaganda and love their freedom.  No matter how much money Murdoch pours into it, I don’t think he will every break their will and get them to accept his Pravda-imitating puppet news station.”




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