Gamblers get the perfect handbook from Crispy Gamer


    For the casino lovers, the good news just keep trickling-just as the money from the tables does. The latest piece of good news is the launch of, an extensive guide to all things related to casinos and gaming. The site has been live for a month now and has received rave reviews from critics far and wide. It is being talked about in numerous gambling forums and is getting quite a bit of traffic around the world. At the moment, the website is looking to not only consolidated its base but also expand into places like New Zealand and Canada, which are known to have a heavy lean towards gaming.

    What does Crispy Gamer offer?

    News on bonuses

    Bonuses are the gambler’s gold .They add value to your deposits and increase your odds of winning, especially in the big games. Crispy Gamer seems to understand this pretty well and offers a number of features related to free casino bonuses. The platform takes a look at what bonuses are, how to take advantage of them and most importantly, what casinos are offering what bonuses. It is a content-rich avenue that gives you the news as a gamer and allows you to pick the best bonuses and win at the slots and machines.

    Online casino reviews

    Online casinos are quickly taking over the gaming landscape. With such an influx of new sites, it becomes difficult for a gamer to distinguish between what is good and what is not. Crispy Gamer educates its visitors on what a great online casino should look like. It lays out all the requirements in terms of features, games, best online casino bonuses and game offers, leaving you the wiser on leaving the pages. The site also looks at the online casinos making waves around the world and rates them according to how well they fulfill the aforementioned requirements.

    Apart from telling you about existing online casinos, Grispy Gamer chips in to talk about the new online casinos making their way into the landscape. This way, you get to know exactly what is happening in this part of the market and can leverage your knowledge at the tables.

    No deposit free spins

    Free spins are your ticket to winning at casinos without having to put up any money at all. Crispy Gamer tells you all about free spins in terms of how they work and what exactly they are. It rounds it up by giving you an updated list of the best online casino spin options available in casinos around the web.

    In a web sphere full of scams, half-truths and outright lies, Crispy Gamer stands out as the ideal gambler’s blueprint.