Trend of Online Gambling Constantly Growing in Japan


Over the past few years, Japan has changed its view on gambling quite a bit. Once start opponents of almost all forms of betting on events with random outcomes, the country is finally looking into setting up legalized gambling. There are plans to set up several casinos in the country, which is a huge step forward.

In the meantime, however, Japanese players looking for some excitement are very restricted. Although there are a certain types of wagers that are legal in the country, options are quite limited when compared to the international market.

For these reasons, there’s been a constant increase in the online gambling activity in Japan. More and more people are flocking to international online casinos that are able to offer so much more. And, while these casinos continue to operate in a somewhat gray area, it seems that players have no problems with fully trusting these operators.

The Appeal of Online Gambling

As mentioned, legal gambling options in Japan are very limited. When it comes to illegal ones, players have more options, which mostly include parlors that offer non-monetary prizes. These prizes can later be exchanged for cash at a different location so gambling venues manage to avoid directly breaking the laws.

However, these options are hardly enough to meet the players’ needs. In addition to the complicated system of paying out winnings, Japanese players don’t have access to very many games at such locations. Pachinko machines, which represent a crossover between slots and pinball, enjoy the biggest popularity.

And, while Pachinko is a fun game, it’s just one game.

On the other hand, online casinos have so much more to offer. With thousands of different slots, a huge variety of table games, all sorts of scratch cards and bingo games, these gambling sites have something for every taste. To make it even better, it is all available at your fingertips. There is no need to go out and look for a venue or wait for your turn. Online casinos are always open and ready to take your action.

On top of that, many Japan online casinos offer very generous bonuses and all sorts of promos that make the whole gambling experience much more exciting. Players get a lot of value for their money so it’s hardly a surprise that more and more people are turning to internet gambling.

There are many other perks players get to enjoy when playing online. More information about online casinos (オンラインカジノ) in Japan can be found at 6takarakuji and if you’re new to the iGaming scene this site represents a great starting point. It will help you find an online casino that fits your needs, there are many great tips available for free, and much more.

Will the Trend Continue?

As things stand right now, there is nothing to indicate that the demand for online gambling will drop in Japan. Even if the country opens up land-based casinos, online venues have so much to offer that it’s unlikely that players will simply stop playing on the internet.

In fact, legalized gambling in Japan could lead to even more players looking for online casinos as well so that they can enjoy their favorite homes from the comfort of their homes as well.

The only thing that might happen is for the country to pass an online gambling bill, which would create a clearer situation in this field. In that scenario, players might be restricted only to certain venues that have proper licenses. This might decrease the number of operators offering their services to Japanese customers but it probably wouldn’t affect the number of people playing online.

Japan has caught the online gambling bug and it’s not going anywhere any time soon.