ABC News Poll: Majority of Republicans Say Abusing Prisoners Is Okay


ABC News Poll: Majority of Republicans Say Abusing Prisoners Is Okay, Half Of Bush-Brand Say Flat-Out Torture Is Just Fine With Them

Go Ahead, Try And Tell Me They Are Not The Nazis.

Deem whoever you want a terrorist and round them up. Lock them up without having to prove they even did anything for as long as you feel like without letting them talk to a lawyer or even their own family. Send them off to camps.

And then, forget even the most basic human rights and morality and flat-out torture these “suspects.”

The Bush/Limbaughians have spoken. According to a just released ABC News poll (see:, “most Republicans, 55 percent, say physical abuse is acceptable …”

And this number is not just Bush-brand Republicans but all Republicans, including moderates. When you just pull out the pro-war Bushies, it gets even better.

“Among Americans who strongly feel the war was worth fighting, half say torture is acceptable…”

Half say torture is acceptable. Not just abuse – such as sleep depravation, hooding, noise-bombing, punching, kicking, and sexually humiliating. No, that was what was considered only “abuse” in this poll.

No, half of pro-war, Bush/Limbaugh-brand Americans say all-out “torture is acceptable.”

Those who argue against comparisons between the current administration and its supporters and 1930’s Nazi Germany make the case that our present government may be rolling over constitutional rights and launching offensive wars, but they would never become as horribly cruel and amoral as the Nazi’s did.

It wasn’t enough when our President made comments that led to death threats against three innocent American women for merely criticizing his policies. Remember the Dixie Chicks?

It wasn’t enough when he passed an act that said he can discard all constitutional protections at his whim, merely by calling someone a terrorist.

No, it wasn’t even enough when he set up camps, of course just outside the country, as Hitler did in Poland, to keep the true nastiness elsewhere.

No, none of these direct parallels were enough.

And Democrats – and Independents – are not innocent either.

According to the poll, 40 percent of Independents think “torture is acceptable,” and 27 percent of Democrats “agree.”

Overall, the poll says 35 percent of Americans think torture is acceptable. One out of three of us. About ¼ of Democrats, 4 in 10 Independents, and 4 in 10 Republicans. Of the Bush-brand among us – the pro-war types – half say torture is acceptable.

On the good news side, 2/3 of Americans deem abuse unacceptable in all cases, including 75% of Democrats. And majorities of Independents and Republicans (when moderate, non-Bushie type Republicans are included) oppose torture.

But come on folks. 50 percent of Bush-brand, pro-war Americans think not just some abuse – such as hooding, kicking, punching, sleep-depriving – but flat out torture is just fine with them? And not much less than half of Independents and Republicans are fine with it as well?


And no, it doesn’t really matter who we are talking about getting tortured or what they were or weren’t involved in.

As ABC reports, “…views on torture and physical abuse are virtually identical whether the targets are suspected terrorists, or suspects in recent attacks against U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.” So there you have that: not only don’t they have to be known terrorists, they don’t have to even be suspected terrorists for these people to be okay with torturing them. As long as someone somewhere feels like suspecting someone of something, half of Bushies say it is okay to torture them.

As Independents, we at The Moderate Independent welcome a variety of views and readers. We welcome Conservative Independents, Liberal Independents, Democrats, Republicans, Greens, people of any beliefs or partisan persuasion who are looking of news coverage that puts truth and what is best for America above all else.

But we absolutely do not welcome anyone of any persuasion who believes torture is acceptable. You inhuman, barbarian asses are no better than the terrorist scum we are fighting. You are not Americans but amoralist anarchists who don’t believe in even the most basic of human rights or rule of law. And as such, you are lowest scum on the face of the earth and deserve to be given the treatment you condone for use on others of your breed.

You are Osama, you are Saddam, you are the Nazis. Period. No useful human being would ever condone torture of anyone for any reason.

Yes, you claim the high road so you can take the low road.

You claim to be good Christians and then act without even the least bit of human dignity of morality. Jesus offered up the other cheek, you condone punching that cheek while the man is naked, wearing a hood, and being force to masturbate in front of growling dogs.

You claim to hate terrorists because they don’t operate by basic, accepted rules of war and human rights, and then say you are just fine doing the same.

You claim to be the ones who can define and dictate American values and family values, and then openly state that what you really embrace are terrorist values, anarchist values, and inhuman torture values.

You knew the torture we are starting to find out about was occurring and you were glad for it – we told our readers that before, and now it is seen confirmed in this poll.

While ABC News reports all of this without alarm, we at M/I call each and every one of you out as the un-American, inhuman, Nazi-like scum as you are. And our ranks – the 2/3 of us who have basic human values, the mix of us from all political persuasions and parties who know torture is never acceptable – are here banded together and will make sure you lowly trash will no longer have a hold on the government of the greatest, most moral nation ever to grace the face of the earth.

Bush-brand, torture-condoning scum, your days are numbered, as we Americans join together to restore our nation’s good name a remove from power those who don’t believe in law, morality, and basic American values.