DISASTER FOR BUSH: America Clearly Sees At Last That The Emperor Is Naked

Rambling, Incoherent… and It Was Bush Wiping The Sweat Away (and Drinking Heavily)

How bad was it for Bush?

So bad that FOX News’ website didn’t even run any poll. So bad that all Matt Drudge could try and boast about on his website was that some Democrat called it a draw. So bad that even Bush’s people could only try to say, Yeah, he lost, but so what.

Other media outlets have been telling you this election would be close and that the debates might be even as well.

We hate to say it (not that much) but we told them so.

Bush got shellacked so badly it was astounding. He was like a wounded animal desperate for a place to hide but not able to find one.

For the past week the right-wing had been joking about how Kerry was a sweater, would sweat during the debates. But it was Bush who the camera saw wiping sweat from his brow. And drinking heavily from his water glass repeatedly. And fumbling through his papers, desperate to find something else to say besides the one or two talking point phrases he could manage to remember.

There was no escaping or hiding the fact that Bush was not even remotely deserving of being on that stage. He was rambling, incoherent. His answers wandered not only off topic but out of comprehensibility. In short, all of the things the President’s handlers have been adeptly hiding from the public – that the emperor truly is butt naked – got stuck right out there in the bright light.

And now America knows.

Even the Gallup poll, which took its usual heavily Republican biased sample, said Kerry blew Bush away.

These were supposed to, according to the non-Moderate Independent media, be Bush’s strong points: foreign policy and style. He got clobbered on both.

He gave answers that were flat out dishonest, huge gaffes that will certainly be brought back to haunt him.

“The A.Q. Khan network has been brought to justice,” said President Bush, bragging about his national security record. (see: Washington Post transcript)

Excuse me? How about reality: US Supports A Q Khan Pardon

As this story reports, “The United States has supported Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf’s decision to pardon scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan, who confessed to leaking nuclear secrets to Libya, Iran and North Korea.”

This man, who gave nuclear secrets to Libya, Iran, and North Korea, Bush let him get pardoned – and then stood before America last night and said he, “has been brought to justice.”

Bush even said at one point, “I didn’t need anyone to tell me to go to the UN.”

President Bush’s fantasy world has crumbled right before the American public. Last election he came across as one of the average people. This time he showed himself to be one of the “special” children who ride the little yellow bus.

And President Bush had a Freudian moment from hell, when he was trying to counter Kerry’s charge that Bush confused Saddam with Osama and incorrectly attacked Iraq for 9/11 instead of just going after Osama.

Bush replied, “Of course we’re after Saddam Hussein — I mean bin Laden.”

President Bush didn’t even come prepared with any zingers, the usual Republican-fed crack lines.

No, on this night it was Senator Kerry who was calm, forceful, relaxed, in complete control – and personable and funny.

Kerry brought down the house when he talked about Tora Bora, saying the President even “outsourced” the job of going after Bin Laden when we had him cornered..

“Just yesterday,” said Kerry, “General Eisenhower’s son, General John Eisenhower, endorsed me; General Admiral William Crowe; General Tony McPeak, who ran the Air Force war so effectively for his father — all believe I would make a stronger commander in chief. And they believe it because they know I would not take my eye off of the goal: Osama bin Laden.

“Unfortunately, he escaped in the mountains of Tora Bora. We had him surrounded. But we didn’t use American forces, the best trained in the world, to go kill him. The president relied on Afghan warlords and he outsourced that job too. That’s wrong.”

Last night, the Bushies went up there seemingly without a plan except to have Bush repeatedly – and we mean repeatedly and repeatedly and repeatedly, until he began to sound like Rain Man – say that Kerry, “changes positions.” “He sends mixed messages.” “He changes positions.” “Mixed messages.” “He changes positions.” (We are not exaggerating here – I am accurately reflecting the number of times Bush mumbled these phrases in incoherent desperation.) “Mixed messages.” “Mixed messages.” “Mixed signals.” “Mixed signals.” “Mixed messages.” “Mixed messages.” “Waver.”

And he only stopped babbling that mantra when he was saying not one, not two, but seven times, that Kerry had called Iraq, “…the wrong war at the wrong time at the wrong place,” and not seven, not eight, but eleven times that it is, “hard work,” fighting terrorist (in addition to pointing out twice people were, “working hard,” at it.)

So people are sitting there, seeing Kerry give actual, coherent answers, and Bush is lost, sweating, pounding water likes it’s JD, fumbling through papers desperately, sneering and looking miserable and angry, like he wants to leave, and giving answers that are incoherent rambles laced with flat out lies or misstatements.

Over and over, “This is the wrong war at the wrong time at the wrong place.” “Hard work” “This is the wrong war at the wrong time at the wrong place.” “Hard work” “Hard work” “This is the wrong war at the wrong time at the wrong place.” “Hard work” “This is the wrong war at the wrong time at the wrong place.” “Hard work” “This is the wrong war at the wrong time at the wrong place.” “This is the wrong war at the wrong time at the wrong place.” “Hard work” “This is the wrong war at the wrong time at the wrong place.” “Hard work” “Hard work” “Working hard.” “Hard work” “Hard work” “Working hard.” “Hard work”

Only interrupted by, “Changes positions.” “He sends mixed messages.” “He changes positions.” “Mixed messages.” “He changes positions.” “Mixed messages.” “Mixed messages.” “Mixed signals.” “Mixed signals.” “Mixed messages.” “Mixed messages.” “Waver.”

Folks, this was only a ninety minute debate – and Bush only got half of it.

The worst part was seeing the look of the Bush spinners’ faces afterwards. They were, at first, trying desperately to try and pretend their guy won, but couldn’t muster it. Then they tried to call it a draw. No luck. So in the end they simply admitted the obvious, that their guy lost – which, coming from the Bushies, means he really got clobbered. And, desperately, they tried to sell the spin that Kerry won but it won’t affect the voters or polls.

Like we’ve said, this is not an election, it is a chump check. One candidate is not even considerable. And America saw that clearly last night.

And they saw that the other candidate, Kerry, is no Al Gore. They had been told he was not warm, aloof, unable to connect, a flip-flopaholic. As our John Ashton said, all Kerry had to do was pass the, “I’m not a pushover” test. And there is no question he did so with flying colors.

He nailed points, like about how Bush let Osama get away at Tora Bora, that the President had been given a free ride on until that point. And he made important, clear distinctions about Iraq policy. The press said it wasn’t clear what the difference was between Kerry’s and Bush’s positions on Iraq. Kerry made it clear again and again: It’s the how, stupid.

He said clearly and concisely, “I’ve had one position, one consistent position, that Saddam Hussein was a threat. There was a right way to disarm him and a wrong way. And the president chose the wrong way.”

And he was very specific in pointing out what the wrong way meant, and what the right way would be: to win peace, the people over there must trust we are not there to occupy their country and take their oil.

“I think a critical component of success in Iraq is being able to convince the Iraqis and the Arab world that the United States doesn’t have long-term designs on it. As I understand it, we’re building some 14 military bases there now, and some people say they’ve got a rather permanent concept to them. When you guard the oil ministry, but you don’t guard the nuclear facilities, the message to a lot of people is maybe, “Wow, maybe they’re interested in our oil.”

When, “The only building that was guarded when the troops went into Baghdad was the oil ministry,” we created an insurgency, said Kerry. When Bush, “didn’t guard the nuclear facilities… didn’t guard the foreign office, where you might have found information about weapons of mass destruction… didn’t guard the borders,” Bush created the mess that exists there now; he wouldn’t have made such a mess and will correct mistakes like these now.

And, again clearly pointing out how he would fix the situation in Iraq, correcting the mistakes Bush has made, he said, “I will make a flat statement: The United States of America has no long-term designs on staying in Iraq.”

It would be nice to show some area or moment where Bush shined and Kerry could use some improvement, but there was none. Tonight was ugly, a complete disaster for the Bushies – and so far, unlike with Gore, the non-M/I media hasn’t even been able to cover for Bush on this one.

No, tonight America saw that the emperor clearly has no clothes, and they all realized, as they gazed upon him standing naked before them for ninety painful, tortured minutes, that the naked truth is, the emperor really doesn’t have much there.