“Before the day is out, Democrat lawyers will begin to argue that all provisional ballots should be counted… If they are successful in keeping the polls open in Democrat precincts and eliminating traditional safeguards… Democrat lawyers will effectively… give John Kerry the advantage.”

When the UN monitors international elections, the way they determine if the election process is credible or fraudulent is to take exit polls and compare the actual results to those of the exit poll.

Exit polls in America have always been accurate, confirming that our elections are fair and honest – except in the last two elections in which President Bush was involved.

The non-M/I media, of course, will not raise the obvious question as to what is wrong with this picture.  All last night, this question was not raised once, while the question of should we actually count all votes was pushed again and again.

Now, take all of the above to heart, and then look at the memo posted on the RNC’s website the day before the election.  It is what is called a pre-emptive strike, such as when Arnold ran for Governor and launched his campaign on the Tonight Show by saying, “They are going to call me a womanizer.”  He knew he was a womanizer, so he was attacking those who would point this out first, trying to turn the tables on them, making it as if they are doing something wrong.  It is a desperate, amoral ploy that those who wish to get away with something heinous use.

Enter the RNC memo.  It is the pre-emptive defense of a party that knew they were up to something that might be challenged.


Contact: Press Office

“Washington, DC – RNC Communications Director Jim Dyke made the following statement today:

“After filing more than 40 lawsuits in 18 battleground states in recent weeks, and in keeping with their Election Day playbook, Democrats are prepared to execute an Election Day litigation strategy. As soon as the polls open in the morning, their touted 10,000-plus lawyers will systematically file litigation to change the rules in battleground states across the nation and create a sense of chaos.”

It was the Republicans who were filing suits left and right, trying to get ballots all over the nation disqualified, trying to get people thrown off of voter rolls, and trying to force intimidators into the polling places to frighten off would be minority and elderly Democratic voters.

“Before the day is out, Democrats will begin to argue that every provisional ballot should be counted…”

No, they didn’t have anything planned, it’s just coincidence this is exactly what things came down to.  Or maybe the plan was for all the GOP lawyers and “challengers” to get large numbers of Democrats thrown off the voter rolls and challenged – you know, those lawsuits they pretend above they were not filing but really the Democrats were – thus forcing Democrats who try to vote to use provisional ballots, as they arrive at polls places to find their names missing or to be challenged.  Then, with this memo, they were trying to make sure those votes never got counted at all.

The Democrats’ Election Day litigation strategy has three primary objectives:

Securing special rules and extensions for the benefit of Democrats in predominately Democrat precincts.

It is not inexcusable enough for the RNC that Republicans, in their rural and suburban districts, get convenient polling places that deal with small numbers of people, and so don’t face massive, 4-hour lines like Democrats living in cities do (and did yesterday – 4 hours out in the rain to vote.)  This is not unfair enough, but they also want to be able to then, after they’ve waited for 4 hours out in the rain, shut the doors in the faces, again finding another way to thwart democracy and tilt the election.  So here the are preemptively attacking anyone who would stand up to them and try to get out ahead in public opinion.

Eliminating traditional safeguards against voter fraud, including I.D. requirements and voting in precinct.

What all this is based on is a simple premise:  that Democrats –  especially people in minority neighborhoods – were going to conspire to commit massive voter fraud, an entirely racist-based, fictional assertion that has no basis in any reality.  They are using that race-baiting argument to come up with excuses to harass minority and elderly voters, who are the ones they send the challengers to.

Creating a sense of chaos, with the hope of casting a shadow of doubt over Election Day.

This is a general preemption.  The RNC had lots of tactics be used in many states, and so if the Democrats actually were going to stand up to all of them, the RNC could say, “See, it’s them causing chaos.”  Again, trying to make sure their assault on fair elections is not stood up to.

Tomorrow, we expect to see Democrat lawyers follow the Kerry-Edwards’ playbook and pursue the following plan to pre-emptively move the election from polling places to courthouses:

  • As the polls open Democrats will prepare to file action to keep GOP poll monitors out of polls.

These are the goons they send only to minority and elderly Democratic precincts, again, based on the racist premise that there is going to be fraud because there are black people voting, or those crazy elderly – you know all the fraud they commit.  For those of you who don’t get the intimidation factor, picture if in order to vote, you had to walk by a 200 pound black gang banger type.  This is the equivalent of sending a Bush-brand monitor to these sites .

Republican poll monitors (ie Bushie goons) will be stationed in precincts across the nation (only the minority and elderly Democrat-dominated ones) to ensure that all eligible voters can participate without harassment or intimidation.

This is the most blatant admission of their plan, outright using the words harassment and intimidation, exactly what they are sending the monitor there for.  There is no one on the planet dumb enough to buy that white Republican monitors are needed in black Democratic precincts to prevent harassment – harassment from who?  All those horrible black Democrats?  The only possible, out-of-context harasser and intimidator here are the Bush-brand goons they plan to send, but, like Arnold said, “They will call me a womanizer,” the RNC said, “They will be the harassers, not us, of course.”

These volunteers (i.e. Bushie goons) will help to accomplish our goals of preventing eligible voters from being disenfranchised…

The challengers are there to try and stop people from voting, exactly the opposite of what the RNC claims, again.

…making sure the law is followed (i.e. harassing would be voters) and ensuring a transparent process with an accurate vote tabulation. (some more nonsense meant to make putting harasser goons in only black neighborhoods seem legit, again playing on the premise that blacks can’t count right without a white Bushie there.)

  • By noon, we expect to see litigation challenging state I.D. and voting requirements.

They expected Democrats to be calling them on their harassing activities by then.

By noon, lawyers will take action to try to convert Democrats’ pattern of voter registration fraud into Election Day fraud by overturning state or federal law. Democrats will claim intimidation and seek to require that voters be allowed to cast a ballot without showing proof of identification. They may also seek to allow voting by those who are not legally registered to vote, such as felons.

Again, the racist imagery of all these minority felons trying to sneak into vote, as if the DNC has a “round up the black felons” operation.  Just another excuse to harass black would be voters, a justification for putting Bushie goons only in black nieghborhoods.

  • In the early afternoon, Democrats will begin filing to keep the polls open.

Damn Democrats, thinking people who are already forced to stand in line for 4-hours in the rain because they are not given enough polling places – unlike for rural Republican voters – should actually get to vote in the end.  RNC trying to head off people getting to vote, making it seem as if the Democrats are causing problems somehow, not that they are attacking the very basis of democracy.

These motions will seek to keep the polls open later only in areas where they know Democrats have an advantage. (i.e. the places people are forced to wait in massive 4-hour lines to vote – they don’t do this in Republican areas because no one is stuck in a line at the end of the day.)  Legal action will often be coupled with phone banking to ensure that the polls are flooded with last minute voters claiming impending disenfranchisement. (Simply stupid.)

  • Before the day is out, Democrats will begin to argue that every provisional ballot should be counted.

Like we said, they knew their goal was just to get enough Democratic votes disqualified, on top of the people they intimidate away from voting, to take the election.  So they need those people they threw off the rolls and challenged to never have their votes counted at all.  They knew what happened in Ohio was likely, as they used all of their games and litigation to try and turn what should have been a small loss (as the exit polls predicted) into a stolen win.

Kerry surrogates have already begun to blur the line, with Eric Holder recently boasting, “If every vote is allowed to be cast, and if every vote is counted, John Kerry will be President within a day of that election.” (Fox News Sunday, 10/17/04)

A premise the RNC finds so objectionable they include it in this memo as if that is a negative thing, proof of the Democrats being up to something bad.  Horrible of those Democrats, trying to let people in a supposed democracy cast votes, and, even worse, then have those votes counted.  What horror!

In each case, Democrats will seek out a last minute order from a friendly judge. These 11th hour challenges to longstanding state laws and statutes of bipartisan election legislation are attempts to change the rules in ways that would make it easier to engage in systematic vote fraud on Election Day.

Again, it was the Republicans who took 11th hour challenges to friendly judges to overthrow bipartisan election legislation, all for the sake of planting goons in minority neighborhoods to make the already ridiculous 4-hour voting experience that much more difficult and discouraging.

And now, the RNC says it all about its true motive…

If they are successful in keeping the polls open in Democrat precincts and eliminating traditional safeguards… Democrat lawyers will effectively and illegally give John Kerry the advantage.

In other words, if polls are kept open so people actually get to vote (as opposed to them losing their right to vote because they were not given enough polling places and so couldn’t get in in 4 hours,) and if these harassing and intimidating games (i.e. traditional safeguards = traditional harassment scheme of putting goons in polling places and getting thousands of legitimate ballots discarded and legitimate voters thrown off the rolls) then John Kerry will win the election.

In seeking to take the election to court, the Democrats will be affirming that they are the party of trial lawyers. (A plain, Bush/Limbaugh-brand heinous lie – the RNC had been in court all over the country trying to get ballots discarded, voters disqualified, and goons into polling places for weeks.  Yet, on top of lying to their core – who must be idiots if they aren’t aware of the simple fact these are lies, as the reality has been in the press for weeks – they are taking yet another excuse to use hatred and ignorant biases – this time against lawyers – to attack and smear.  Again, they initiated massive legal challenges for weeks, lie and pretend they don’t, then insult anyone who would do such a thing for being “the party of trial lawyers.”  And the non-M/I media never calls them on it , as you saw all last night during the bullying about Ohio.  Their litigation strategy will not only be doing a disservice to legitimate voters who have cast their ballots in accordance with the law, but to the American process of free and fair presidential elections.   (The usual overly righteous speak of the entirely amoral, anti-democratic Bush/Limaughian RNC.)

Now, in case they remove this from their website, we have included a screen cap of it at the bottom of this article.

Yesterday, the paperless e-voting machines were used, and yesterday, the election failed the international standard of the votes jibing with the exit polls.  Numerous people in Democratic districts in Florida reported that when they tried to vote for Kerry, Bush appeared during their confirmation screen.  Not only was nothing done about this, but the reality is that even the confirmation screen means nothing – as what is actually recorded and totaled can’t be known.

And so we proceeded with a flawed, completely fixable process, a party that made clear they were going to be causing problems, and so they launched the above pre-emptive strike, and no paper trail to catch any errors in the end.  Yes, there were no hanging chads in Florida or recounts because they solved them problem – adopt a system that can’t be audited, that leaves nothing to recount.  In other words, take the film out of the security camera.  There is no evidence of anything, so can be no challenge.

And in case you are wondering why claims against e-voting were not addressed in the above memo, they launched their preemptive assault on this via – where else – Fox News last night, on which the puppets were sure to lay out how people are likely to make the silly claim that the exit polls being off shows that the e-voting was fixed.

“They’ll call me a womanizer.”  “They’ll use lawyers.”  “They’ll say e-voting is fixed.”

Beginning to get the pattern?

The Republicans made clear they were up to something.  We saw part of what they did, the other part we may never catch or fully know of.  But what we do know is that our election, again, for the second time out of two Bush elections – breaking all earlier precedent – defied the exit polls.  Oh yeah, there was a third election in the middle of this, in which no exit polls were used at all – and during that one, one of the first large scale tests of e-voting, many irregularities were found, such as votes for one candidate being counted as votes for the other (that in Georgia.)

The non-M/I media will never question anything, and truly it is not their place.  The Democratic Party is a useless, now essentially defunct party of eunuchs who let paperless e-voting on machines created and programmed by Republican operatives be set up in the first place.

And if you think that that is unfair, that the Democrats really would have taken a stand but were just stuck in the minority and so had no power to, take a look at this screen cap from their website on election day.


Look in the little blue box on the right side.  Look at what it says:  “Get election results from your favorite news site.”  Then notice what the last choice for “favorite news site” is:  Fox News.

This is the DNC’s website.  The are sending their people to Fox News.

The DNC let Fox host three of their primary debates.  The DNC let Fox news travel around with their campaign as if it were a legitimate news organization.  The DNC sent and continues to send its elected officials onto Fox, giving this non-news Republican propaganda station credibility.

The DNC should have ordered a boycott by all members of its party long ago.  Instead, not only do they not take action against this illegal PAC loosely disguised as news, but they help spread the word about it on their own website.

Last night, the American Democracy died.  It was officially replaced by the Holy American Empire.  A dynasty of CIA-bred insiders have used religious extremism and government installing tactics they have used all over the world for decades to take our nation further down a road from which their stated goal is for us to never return.  They state clearly they have a plan to make America a one-party state for generations.

A one-party state is what the former Soviet Union had.  A one-party state is what Iraq was under Saddam.  A one-party state is an idea that defines un-American, the stands directly in the face of the most basic tenants of democracy.

They have set up the one-side promoting propaganda machine.  They have set up a mechanism to ensure election victory.  And so now, they control – indeed, dominate – every single office of the Federal Government.

Make no mistake what happened last night.  The problem was not in our prediction.  The problem is that the American Democracy is dead.  One party planned it, the other party acceded.

Think of all the articles you’ve read on M/I – where else has this news been covered?  Nowhere.  Where else did find a single positive commentary about John Kerry?  And where do you now see even a single news source questioning the obvious problem of the vote not jibing with the exit polling – questioning the voting, not the polls?

Dark days are upon the nation.  We have worked tirelessly to do our part.  But the problem demands more than just news and commentary.

Your comments and support have helped us at least show that there is a true American voice, and it is not being heard anywhere in this nation.  Instead, there is a catechism or programmed lies being echoed by puppets.  And without a single opposition party in the nation, there is no hope.

We are done being here as only a useful news source.  We at The Moderate Independent are determined to fix this nation of ours directly, to create a political entity that actually stands up for America and democracy.  That actually knows what morality is and doesn’t let anyone wrap themselves in the American flag and the Bible while sin and anti-Americanism seeps out of their every pore.

The battle for our nation’s soul has just begun.

Check back soon as we begin our crusade to stand up for all Americans, regardless of label or party affiliation, who will never give up on the greatest nation God ever made, the democracy known as the United States of America.

To the disenfranchised Republicans, to the disheartened and infuriated Democrats, and to all the great independents and people of other party allegiances who know that, in the end, the good guys always win, gather up all your frustrated friends, gather up all those who love their nation and democracy more than life itself, round up all who will not sleep until their nation is restored to its rightful way.

And stay tuned.

Thomas J. Bico

Screen cap of memo: