Most Americans Simply Don’t Know The Facts: That George Bush Told Saddam It Would Be Ok To Invade Kuwait, Leading To Gulf War I, Which Turned Osama Against Us, Which Led To 9/11 and Gulf War II – And No, This Is Not A Joke And Yes, It Is Documented

As we head into this election season during which 9/11 will be a central issue, it is an appropriate time for us at The Moderate Independent to provide for you a simple reality that neither side – Democrat or Republican – is willing to share with you.

While both sides are simply intent to say 9/11 occurred because there are evil people on the planet who hate us because we love freedom, or because they are crazy religious nutcases, there is no truth to either of these claims. 9/11 – and both Gulf Wars – specifically occurred as a result of specific things our government did – such as telling Saddam we would not hold it against him if he invaded Kuwait.

Yes, you read right. Before invading Kuwait – the incident that led to the first Gulf War, which led us to put troops on Saudi soil, which led Osama to declare war against us, which led to 9/11, and which also all led to the current Iraq War – before Saddam ever invaded Kuwait, back when he was our ally, he asked us if we would mind if he invaded Kuwait.

You must be wondering how such an astounding event has gone unmentioned in the press – and maybe you doubt it a bit. So let us right up front document this simple fact for you.

UPI reported on Novermber 9, 1990:

“The straight talk coming from the White House (condemning Saddam for invading Kuwait) is in sharp contrast to the ambiguous, sometimes misleading messages given to Saddam before the Aug. 2 invasion of Kuwait.

“Just before that invasion — and perhaps contributing to Saddam’s decision to undertake it — there was a series of limp declarations by U.S. officials that may have misled Saddam.

“One of those messages, delivered in late July by U.S. Ambassador April Glaspie to Saddam in a private meeting, said that the United States did not take a position ”on Arab-Arab” disputes. Saddam understood that to mean that the United States would not react to his invasion of Kuwait.”

Look at these simple facts. Saddam asked us ahead of time what we thought about the possibility of him invading Kuwait. It was not a surprise invasion. He had been our ally in the Iran/Iraq War, had just won a great victory for us by finally defeating Iran, and he wanted one part of Kuwait that he felt he was owed as a result of all he had done during that war.

And even so, he didn’t just go take it, he didn’t launch out without care to what we thought. He asked.

Saddam Hussein asked us if he could have a piece of Kuwait.

And our response? Did we tell him, “You do that and we would attack you,” or, “That would break international law,” or, “We would consider that an act of war we would respond to?”

Nope. George H. W. Bush sent our ambassador over there, and had her say that we do, “…not take a position ”on Arab-Arab” disputes.”

In other words, go ahead Saddam, we have no position either way. We don’t care. America has “no position.” That is between you and your Arab neighbors. We won’t get upset, we don’t consider it right or wrong. We won’t care if you do it.

So, Saddam did.

Saddam felt he deserved it for all he had done for us in the Iran/Iraq War.

As he said during that exchange with Ambassador Glaspie (see link to full transcript below:)

“Iraq came out of the war burdened with $40 billion debts…”

Massive debt, and massive sacrifice had been incurred by the Iraqis on America’s behalf, Saddam stated:

“…you know you are not the ones who protected your (Arab) friends during the war with Iran, (Iraq did.) I assure you, had the Iranians overrun the region, the American troops would not have stopped them, except by the use of nuclear weapons. I do not belittle you. But I hold this view by looking at the geography and nature of American society into account. Yours is a society which cannot accept 10,000 dead in one battle (as we suffered.)”

And, as is the reality, he said we should be grateful, as he and the Iraqi Army defeated one of our biggest enemies for us:

“You know that Iran agreed to the cease-fire not because the United States had bombed one of the oil platforms after the liberation of the Fao. Is this Iraq’s reward for its role in securing the stability of the region and for protecting it from an unknown flood?”

Saddam laid all of this out to our Ambassador, and all she said in return was:

“I have direct instruction from the President to seek better relations with Iraq… we have no opinion on the Arab-Arab conflicts, like your border disagreement with Kuwait…The instruction we had during this period was that we should express no opinion on this issue and that the issue is not associated with America. James Baker has directed our official spokesmen to emphasize this instruction.”

So, less than a week after this conversation, Saddam rolled into Kuwait. And this invasion led to the first Gulf War.

It just gets better from there. It was to fight this resulting war that we put our troops in Saudi Arabia. It was this putting of troops on the holy soil of Saudi Arabia that caused Osama – until then a friend and ally we had built up and trained – to turn against us.

So let’s sum up so far. President Bush, Sr. told Saddam we didn’t care one way or the other if he invaded Kuwait. So, Saddam did. As a result we launched a war. We used this war as a reason to put troops on Saudi soil. This turned Osama against us. And that… directly led to 9/11.

It’s all very simple and documented.

These are the simple facts and the reality. We already knew that the Reagan/Bush administration had built Saddam and Osama into the monsters they became – with American taxpayer money.

Now, add to this the fact that a game played by the first Bush administration directly turned both Saddam and Osama into enemies. Bush, Sr. picked the fight, tricked Saddam into thinking it would be okay to go into Kuwait, and then stabbed Saddam in the back.

As the Los Angeles Times reported on Februrary 5, 1991, “If Washington’s relationship with Iraq smacked of appeasement before the invasion, they argue, the fault should lie with top policy-makers, not the ambassador.” (see reference for article below)

The simple reality is, America never had to fight the first Gulf War, never had to suffer 9/11, did not have to end up stuck in a massive War On Terror, and certainly never had to end up in the current mess in Iraq. Period.

Even after the absurd policies of funding and training and building up the butcherous Hussien and bin Laden, we never had to have them as enemies or fight wars against them.

It was only because George H. W. Bush chose to pick a fight with them by lying to Saddam, creating an excuse for us to set up a military foothold in Middle Eastern countries other than Israel, that we have had to fight two Iraq wars, suffer 9/11, and fight this War On Terror.


The stupid comments that, “They attack us because they hate freedom,” or, “They attack us because we are rich and they are jealous,” or, “They attack us because they are crazy religious fanatics,” or, “Islam is the problem.”


9/11, both Gulf Wars have happened, the War On Terror exists because George H. W. Bush played a game and picked fights with people he had built up. He had trained Osama in terrorist-style guerilla warfare, and so he used it against us.

The Democrats don’t say this simple reality because they are eunuchs. The Republicans are incapable of saying anything honest or actually caring about America – they will tell any lie at this point just to make Democrats sound bad and increase their hold on power.

In the meantime, the simple reality is that thousands and thousands of Americans are dying at home and abroad – in fact, people all over the world are dying – because of games played by previous Republican administrations – and for no other reason.

Here are some references for you:

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