Ball-less Democrat Dodd Follows His Party’s Constant Pattern Of Submission, Saying He Will “Strongly Support” Appointment of Negroponte As Ambassador To Iraq Even Though He Knows Negroponte Covered Up For Horrible Human Rights Abuses The Last Time We Trusted Him In A Similar Situation

Make No Mistake, We Are 1930’s Nazi Germany

“Sen. Christopher J. Dodd, D-Ct., noted differences that he had with Negroponte when the diplomat was ambassador to Honduras in the 1980s. “Those differences stem largely from a lack of candor about what the U.S. was and wasn’t doing in Central America in the conflict at that time,” Dodd said. “And although I intend to support and strongly support this nomination when it comes to a vote in this committee, and later on the Senate floor, I want to make one point especially clear: That same issue — candor — in my view, is going to be critical with respect to continued support for U.S. policies in Iraq.” Dodd told Negroponte that if the administration’s policies are not working, “it’ll be your duty to the American people to say so, and to say so very clearly and without any hesitation so that we can make course corrections before it’s too late.” (from FOX News)

This is a real moment of danger for America.

The Bush/Limbaugh Republicans are the 1930’s Nazis, period. And these eunuchs that make up the Democratic Party – these battered wives who will come up with any excuse to allow these Nazis to continue doing what they are doing – means that America will go the way of Nazi Germany.

I mean, look at who this Negroponte is and what his record is: READ HERE And then look at Dodd’s words.

Dodd knew about all of this when it was occurring – the horrible human rights abuses that occurred on Negroponte’s watch – and which Negroponte covered up for. Dodd knows that’s who Negroponte is and what he has done, and he made an issue of it when Negroponte was nominated for Ambassador to the UN just three years ago.

And as he says plainly, he knows it is exactly the, “…same issue — candor… (which) is going to be critical,” for the post Negroponte is being assigned to as the Ambassador to Iraq. In other words, Dodd knows Negroponte lied (ie the issue of “candor”) last time the nation gave him its trust, oversaw illegal operations, covered up horrible, butcherous human rights abuses, and he knows President Bush is now nominating him as our Ambassador to Iraq, putting him in exactly the position to cover up horrible abuses once again (in fact, it seems the only reason President Bush would have taken Negroponte away from his UN post to put him there) – but Dodd won’t hold him accountable. All he can say to this man who has shown his horrible nature, “I’ll let you get away with all of that. Oh, and by the way, don’t do that this time, please.”

As always, when the Democrats initially stood up to the nomination of Negroponte as UN Ambassador, the Bush/Limbaughians, rather than cave in, fired back twice as hard – and the response is always the wuss Democrats caving in.

Here Dodd knows what he is faced with, with a situation similar to the one in the 1980’s in Honduras. Dodd knows Negroponte’s record. But not only won’t he oppose the nomination – as anyone who cares about America or human rights would – but he will “strongly” support it. Again, in his words, “I intend to support and strongly support this nomination…” It wasn’t enough for him to even support this horrible man who he stood up against before, but as a true gutless coward, he now wants to make sure he says he will “strongly” support him.

Make no mistake, America is in a lot of trouble. A lot. The Bush/Limbaughians – even if defeated this election – won’t go away, and will continue to fester and fester into a parallel version of imperial terrorists, ala the Nazis, Napoleon, or the countless other examples of this occurring throughout history. That is, this will happen unless you stand up become the leadership of the future, because certainly the morality-free Republicans nor the ball-free Democrats will. It is up to us Moderate Independents to boldly, strongly stand up now in defense of our nation – not by stupid, useless protesting, nor by stupid violence, but by getting involved – yes you – in the political process as candidates.

Is there anyone with both balls and a conscience living in America – who is willing to put down their remote control and stand up in defense of their nation?