SEP 15-30, 2005





Americans Waking Up To The Fact That Conservative Ideals Are Just As Dangerous To The Nation As Communist Ones

by John S. Ashton



SEPTEMBER 19, 2005 It’s interesting if you listen.  A decade of propaganda has so misdefined things that even liberals – who are by now so completely battered they are afraid to use the “liberal” label and instead call themselves “progressives” – echo the nonsensical lies.


 “Fiscal conservatism,” says the lie, equals fiscally responsible.  “Socially conservative” equals socially responsible and compassionate.


Even on “progressive” talk radio, when the policies of the Bush/Limbaughians are assailed, these lies about what conservatism is and isn’t are usually echoed.  When the GOP’s reckless spending ways are pointed out, the commentators often say, “I thought they were supposed to be fiscal conservatives.”  When Pat Robertson calls for an assassination or when people who do amoral and illegal things in the Bush administration are not held accountable, liberal commentators and columnists ask, “I thought they were supposed to be good conservatives who care about morals and the law.” 


Again and again, as conservatism further and further erodes America – economically, socially, and politically – commentators and politicians on both sides of the aisle say that the problem is that Bush/Limbaugh conservatives are just not being real conservatives, that if they were being real conservatives, we would have a balanced budget, a kind, compassionate government, and things would be great and very American.


Nothing could be more inaccurate.  In fact, this dishonest, inaccurate line of thinking, bred by the endless Bush/Limbaugh/Murdoch lie-and-spin propaganda machine, is the single biggest threat to our nation at the moment.


Fiscal conservatism does not equal fiscally responsible; fiscal conservatives are fiscally delusional and never have, and never could, be capable of making a budget that functions usefully in the real world.


Fiscal conservatism is Arnold Schwarzenegger saying he can eliminate the $10 billion plus debt in California while cutting taxes, without cutting necessary spending on things like education, just by eliminating “unnecessary, wasteful spending” by “liberals,” only to end up borrowing not ten but sixteen billion dollars due to the fact everything he said was delusional and dishonest.


Fiscal conservatism is Tom Delay and the Washington Times, as seen in this article.  With massive deficits on one side and massive disasters due to underfunding basic needs on the other, Tom Delay is calling the situation economic “victory” for conservatives.


To conservatives, there is no talk about fiscal responsibility or balancing the budget or restoring funding to essential things like protecting the homeland.  Instead, the article offers a glimpse into the true insanity and destructiveness of conservatism, which is really nothing but irresponsible greed cloaked over with sweet talk.


Look at this debate between the Bush/Limbaugh conservative Tom Delay and others who are defending even purer conservatism:

“Mr. DeLay was defending Republicans' choice to borrow money and add to this year's expected $331 billion deficit to pay for Hurricane Katrina relief. Some Republicans have said Congress should make cuts in other areas, but Mr. DeLay said that doesn't seem possible.”

To conservatives, the lesson of Katrina is not to acknowledge that we need to restore some of the funding they cut from vital things that can prevent disasters - like levee construction - but that, due to the disaster caused by their spending cuts, we need to cut more.


Even DeLay, one of the most irresponsible cutters in our nation’s history has a, ‘You got to be kidding,’ moment.  From the article:

“My answer to those that want to offset the spending is sure, bring me the offsets, I'll be glad to do it. But nobody has been able to come up with any yet," the Texas Republican told reporters at his weekly briefing.

In other words, he is acknowledging what Schwarzenegger had to acknowledge and what moderates and Democrats have been saying all along:  the claim that just cutting unnecessary waste can cover the cost of tax cuts and necessary spending is bunk.


But conservative groups will have nothing to do with reality.  Not the lesson of Katrina, not DeLay’s breaking the reality of the current deficits and added Katrina costs.  No, fiscal conservatives exist in a fictional realm where taking more and more money for themselves is all that matters, and their dishonest pretending that somehow balancing a budget is their ultimate goal is shown to be the façade that it is.


The article continues:

 “Congress has passed two hurricane relief bills totaling $62.3 billion, all of which will be added to the deficit.

"Republican leaders have been under pressure from conservative members and outside watchdog groups to find ways to pay for the Katrina relief.”

Now that sounds nice, like the fiscal “conservatism” you were sold as being equal to fiscal responsibility.  But continue on to the next sentence:

“Some Republicans wanted to offer an amendment, including cuts, to pay for hurricane spending but were denied the chance under procedural rules.


"This is hardly a well-oiled machine," said Rep. Jeff Flake, Arizona Republican. "There's a lot of fat to trim. ...

"American Conservative Union Chairman David A. Keene said federal spending already was "spiraling out of control" before Katrina, and conservatives are "increasingly losing faith in the president and the Republican leadership in Congress."

And just in case you try and put some sanity or logic into their thinking, assuming that maybe they are just upset about how much is being spent in Iraq or in the War on Terror, Mr. Keane clears that up in the very next sentence:

"Excluding military and homeland security, American taxpayers have witnessed the largest spending increase under any preceding president and Congress since the Great Depression," he said."

No, these are people who want to both ignore the costs of the Iraq policies they supported and not acknowledge how the underfunding of domestic priorities - like fixing levees - created disasters while, incredibly, at the same time, claiming they are really just trying to balance the budget, and that more cuts in domestic spending are what is needed to do it.


Doesn’t matter that they can’t present things to cut, or that their leader, Tom DeLay, is even telling them, “…bring me the offsets, I'll be glad to do it. But nobody has been able to come up with any yet.”


No, for fiscal conservatives, neither responsibility nor reality are things they begin to grasp.  Like Communism sought to undermine society with delusional claims of equality for all while promoting systems that ensured success for none, Conservatism uses delusional claims of fiscal responsibility to promote bankrupting policies that leave the nation broke and in tatters.


Social conservatism is as delusional as fiscal conservatism, nothing but a dishonest philosophy that makes you a criminal for being an ordinary citizen while pretending to be protecting you.  Prohibition, seatbelt laws, banning dancing, restricting sexuality, permanent curfews for our young adults, 21-year old drinking ages that leave even the President’s own daughters as criminals for wanting margaritas with their Mexican food.  They are standing up for the good people – that only exist in dishonest, delusional-conservative-Fantasyland.


There was nothing wrong with the Bush daughters – who are of college age – wanting a drink with their dinner; and even more importantly, they displayed that this is something that good people regularly do.  Thanks to social conservatives, your son or daughter are made into criminals for acting normally.


The general idea of social conservatism is to render everyone in the nation a criminal for doing what they would ordinarily do.  This creates a setup where anyone can be arrested and given harsh penalties at the whim and choice of the government.  For example, one of the biggest problems regularly cited by conservatives is the horrible drug problem in poor, minority neighborhoods.  Drug users, drug dealers.  Horrible.


That’s nice, except look at reality:  both Al Gore and George W. Bush used drugs.  Because they were white people in rich neighborhoods who used drugs, they got to go on to run for President.  In the meantime, a fifteen-year old who does the same in a poor, black neighborhood is busted and run up with a criminal record, his future ruined, his reputation assailed, and he is labeled but another horrible part of the nation's poor minority drug problem.


And no, this is not some exceptional example.  Central to conservatism is intentionally dishonest hypocrisy.  They let their kids drink, they use drugs, they don’t abide by nor really agree with the laws they pass, but they pass them anyway and then scream bloody murder when others break them.  It is more than lying.  It is a truly brainwashed delusionality in which they honestly convince themselves that condemning actions by others that they actually practice themselves is not insane nor dishonest.  They can go on and on about those horrible criminals, how they should be locked up, shot, how they are worse then animals, all the while being delusionally disconnected from the fact that they do the same things themselves.  You don’t have to run down the whole list of multi-divorced drug addicts like Rush Limbaugh preaching on and on about family values and the need for harsher penalties for those drug addicts, or the Bushes/Cheneys/etc. who ran from serving their nation in combat who preach how doing so is un-American.  The point is plain and easily observable, and it is a basic tenet of conservatism.


And finally, political conservatism is such a juvenilely small-minded view of diplomacy and the world that it can never have useful application in the actual world.  It is Pat Robertson thinking we should just kill people who oppose us – but do it covertly, and that will really fool people and free us from consequences or guilt.  It is Eisenhower deciding to undermine the entire nation of Iran for the sake of keeping oil prices down and thinking – honestly – that it is a good bargain in the long term; and then his fellow conservatives refusing to make the connection to the hostage crisis, the Iran/Iraq War which led us to fund and arm Saddam Hussein, the arming and training of Osama bin Laden, the having to put troops on Saudi soil to stop Saddam from using the arms we gave him, the anger that instilled in the man we had armed and trained named Osama, and the leading of all this to 9/11.  Yes, conservatives have a real, delusional belief that they are the solution to Iraq and 9/11, refusing to accept the inescapable reality that conservatism was directly responsible for the hostage crisis, both Iraq Wars, and 9/11.


Communists once sought to undermine the American government, bankrupting our coffers and values.  Now, it is conservatives – the communists of the modern era – that our government must defend itself against.


Conservative philosophy is one that believes freedom is a threat to a nation, that dictatorship is a better, “easier” form of government – as both George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld have said – and conservatism preaches that hate is to be put before facts, anger before reason.


While the true ultimate goal of communism was a totalitarian state, as witnessed everywhere communism flourished, the real ultimate goal of conservatism is dictatorship, as witnessed everywhere conservatism dominates, such as in the nations of the Middle East.  Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, indeed, Iraq, are all conservative-dominated nations.


The outcome of conservatism is always the same:  forced religion or creed, lack of freedom, lack of democracy, and fiscal disaster for all but a few.


The nonsense that conservatism stands for all things good, that fiscal conservatism means fiscally responsible, that social conservatism means socially responsible, that politically conservative mean superior on foreign policy is all just the echoing of lies fed to us again and again by the lying right-wing propagandists that entirely dominate the American media conversation.


The successful nations of the world all are – as America has been – moderate nations.  They are nations that keep leftists and rightists, communists and conservatives, at bay, vocal minorities without much actual power.


During the Cold War, America was under threat by communists, both abroad and at home.  Now, in the age of the War on Terror, we are under attack by conservatives, both abroad and at home.


Except so far we have only defended ourselves against them abroad.  With two-thirds of our nation now aware that what is going on at home is not good for America, it is time for all of us to join together to begin to fend off the attack on America by the insidious, destructive, reckless, violent, delusional propagandizing and assault on our government by the evil that is conservatism.


And in case you don’t really want to believe it, look at who is ensuring that FOX News continues to operate as the propaganda outlet it is.  From CNN via Netscape News:

“Saudi Arabian billionaire investor Prince Alwaleed bin Talal said Tuesday he now holds a 5.5% voting stake in Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. (the parent company of FOX News) and is ready to raise his stake, especially if it is necessary to shield Murdoch from any potential hostile takeover attempts by the likes of John Malone's Liberty Media.

"Investment vehicles controlled by the prince's Kingdom Holding Co. have converted what was last reported to be a 3% non-voting stake in the entertainment conglomerate into the new voting holding.

"In an interview on CNBC Tuesday, Alwaleed said he has communicated his strategy to Murdoch and was "mobilized and ready" to further boost his voting stake "if we feel that the strategy of Mr. Murdoch and his son and his family is being threatened by any outsider." He added: "Clearly, this is something we will not accept, because we are very happy as shareholders with what Mr. Murdoch is doing."

"A News Corp. spokesman Tuesday declined to comment on the news, but company sources said the Saudi prince has long been regarded by Murdoch as an ally in his showdown with Malone.”

A billionaire Saudi Prince "will not accept" someone changing FOX News from the conservative propaganda station that it is.  He "has long been regarded by (FOX News owner Rupert) Murdoch as an ally..."


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Talk Radio Host Rush Limbaugh Joins His Buddy Michael Savage Weiner In Getting Canned For Being Unacceptable Outside Of His Usual AM Radio Cave

The California Recall Debate

Larry Elder Proves Again To Be The Biggest Pussy On AM Talk Radio

ABC's Peter Jennings Admits ABC Has Been Bullied To The Right By The Bushies

Latest Press Report Ignores Poll, Pretends Arnold Is Still Frontrunner

Press-Trumpeted Lies About The 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals, And The Republican Plan To Take Redistricting To The Courts As Well

Savage Weiner Roasted Due To Anti-gay Rant

Rupert Mudoch On An Anti-American Rampage

Russian News Source 'Pravda' Sues Fox News For Stealing Its Format

AM Talk Host Savage Weiner Comes Out Of The Closet

CNBC'S Licklow And Kissass Invent 'Miscussion'

How To Still Sound Righteous When Caught Lying And Your Policies Are Found To Be Disastrous

Debunking The Media: ABC News' George Will Calls Vermont Communist

Debunking The Media: Man Kills 2 With Samurai Sword, Right Wing Rushes to Profit Off Of Corpses

Debunking The Media: The Confused, Psychotic Defining of "Conservative"

Debunking The Media: Texas Republicans Use Homeland Security Dept. To Try And Locate President Bush's Morals

Did Someone Actually Say "Liar"?

Right-Wing Commentators Distraught Murdoch Can't Buy Whole Internet

AM Radio Host Debate a Disaster

Australian-Owned Fox News, USA Today, NY Post Push "True American Agenda"

Axis of Murdoch Decides Who To Occupy Next

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Ben Affleck Overheard Begging Matt Damon To Pinch His Ass In Public

Kelly Clarkson Ordered To Undergo Mental Evaluation

American Artists Vow To Continue Expressing Nothing Through Their Work

Dixie Chicks Treated With Southern Courtesy and Respect

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Elections 2004

Let The Landslide Begin

Anyone Who's Questioned If The Bushies Really Are Nazis, Look At Their Election Day Strategy

Bush's Final Moments: Desperation And Amorality Dominate The Final Days

Swan Song: Bushies Begin To Realize Their Fall Is Imminent, As Internal Polling Shows Little Hope And Even Their Most Loyal Constituents Begin To Cut Their Losses

Endgame: The Final Week Of The Campaign. What Does The Bush/Limbaugh Right Have In Store, And What Will Election Day Be Like

So Good, We'll Give It A Link - We Almost Never Put Links To Other Sites Up On Our Main Page, But This Site Hits Right On The Head The Issue That Has Been Entirely Absent From This Election - And Is Funny As Heck

What Do George W. Bush, The US Olympic Basketball Team, The LA Lakers, And The New York Yankees Have In Common?

Schwarzenegger Fires A Shot Across The Bow, The First Shot Of The Coming Republican Civil War

See What Happens When You Actually Fight Back - Sinclair In Deep Doodoo, As Stockholders Threaten Their Entire Operation

The Real Winner Of The Debates: John Edwards

Lynne And Dick Cheney Display Why Bush/Cheney Will Lose By A Landslide

Was This The Rush Limbaugh Show Or A Non-Partisan Debate?

VP Debate: Edwards Pulls The Mask Off Of Darth Cheney

Debate Number One - Shh... Don't Tell The Bushies, But George, Jr. Is About To Get Shellacked

Disaster For Bush:  America Clearly Sees At Last That The Emperor Is Naked

The Kerry Curve

Here Is The Next Part Of The Bush Campaign Script:  What Their Debate Strategy Is (Hint:  It Has Little To Do With Trying To Get W To Do Well In The Debates)

American Research Group Poll: Kerry Still Leading

Non-Moderate Independent Press To M/I; "Call Off Your Attacks Dogs"

Here It Comes, The Right-Wing Machine Starts Cranking Out Fictional Polls

Where Are The Stories About Bush Getting "No Bounce" Like They Ran About Kerry - Plus! CNN Anchor Comes Out Of The Closet As Limbaugh Lover

President Bush Uses Millions Of Taxpayer Dollars To Promote His Re-election

The Republican Convention: Is This Madison Square Garden Or Bellevue Mental Ward?

It's Time For McCain To Put Up Or Shut Up

Direct Hit! Captain Kerry Nails Bush And His Blame-And-Lie Machine

Republicans To Hold Democrat's Convention

Kerry Walking Into Minefield We Warned About! Entire Election Is In Jeopardy

Bush:  Kerry Is Right, The Rich Don't Pay Taxes On My Watch

The Whole Caboodle

Rounding Up The Democratic Convention

The Democratic Convention

ARG'S BENNETT:  Battleground States Trending Kerry

Reaction To Edwards From Hollywood Stars At Kerry Event

Look, We Told You Months Ago Kerry Would Win By A Landslide

John Kerry, Leader Or Loser?

Kerry Surges Ahead In Swing State, As VP Begins To Look More And More Likely

The Road To A John Kerry Landslide Continues

Kerry's Secret Weapon

Who John Kerry Must Choose As His Running Mate

Bush In A Lot Of Trouble

President Bush Comes Out Of The Gate With Lies Blaring

Any Questions? The right-wing hit on Kerry takes him form unbeatable to almost beaten in just 4 days

The Strange Death of the Woman Who Filed a Rape Lawsuit Against Bush

Right-Wing Breaks Out: "Kerry Had A Recent Affair With An Intern"  

Clark Makes It Official - he Is Canning His Campaign

Kerry Ko's Clark  - Edwards, Dean Still Remain

Feb 3 Primaries - Each Of The Top 3 Get Not Quite What They Wanted, But Exactly What They Needed

Mobilization, Enthusiasm Will Determine If Kerry Delivers Knockout Blow Or If There Are Two Equal Frontrunners On Tuesday Evening

The New Republic: Kerry Sent Both Letter Opposing And Letter Supporting First Gulf War To Same Constituent 

Midday Election Update - Gen Clark Takes On Kerry's Doublespeak, Republican Caught Pushing Edwards'

A Little Different When The Fox Is Run Out Of The Hen House

What Happened In New Hampshire - Putting All Together

Zogby Caught In Interview Admitting His Latest Poll Is Bunk

New Fox Reality Show Debuted Last Night In New Hampshire: Who Wants To Be An Ass Kissing Right-Wing Wonk

Enough Of The Day To Day Polls - What To Expect Over The Next Week In New Hampshire

The Hit Is On - Inside The Right-Wing's Strategy

Yes, We Told You So - And We Have Some More To Tell You

The Republican Party Platform

Making Sense Of The Iowa Mess - Within What Seems An Undecided Jumble Is A Clear Message

Right-Wing Launches Dishonest Smear Attack On Clark

Gen Clark Unleashes A Bold Tax Plan With One Distinct Advantage Over Those Of The Other Candidates: It's Easily Communicable 

People Calling Older New Hampshire Voters - General Clark's Strongest Supporting Group - And Telling Them They Can't Vote<<<

OK, Now The Entire Press Is Reporting What We Reported On Dec 16, That Clark Is Rising, Dean Falling

Dean Shows Himself To Be No Different Than President Bush

Two Polls Confirm Clark's Rise And Deans Slight Sag

Bush Makes A Hard, Multi-Pronged Pitch For The Latino Vote

Dean On The Way Down

Rounding Up The Reactions - What Do The Democrats Have To Say About The Capture Of Saddam

Democrats Start To Get The Feel For Standing Up To The Media In Horribly Moderated Debate

Confirmation Of Clark's Rise Toward Front-Runner Status Comes Quickly

Inside The Campaigns - One Campaign Rising, One Holding Strong, One On The Way Out

Why People Love Howard Dean

Analysis: "How Dare They Be Angry That I Am A Liar Who Is Destroying The Nation!"

Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Disgrace Themselves, Hurt Their Election Changes By Bashing Clark For Being An Independent

Why Clark's Entry Into The Race Hurts Dean And Helps Kerry

Reassessing The Candidates

Cal Recall Update:  9th Circuit Court Of Appeals Recalls The Recall

Who Won Sept. 5 Dem. Debate?

Democrats Debate:  In Their Own Words, The Sept. 5 Debate

Reassessing The Candidates

A Presidential Study In Ignorance And A Warning For Those Who Would Vote For Arnold

Dean Vs. Bush, According To The Corporate-Owned-And-Operated Media

Make No Mistake, For One Party The 2004 Presidential Election Has Already Begun

Dean In Charge

Rating The Dems On The Issues

The Moderate Independent Rates The Democratic Hopefuls Based On How Moderate And Independent They Are

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Great Quotes From Thomas Jefferson

"A Great Nation Like Ours Will Never Fall!" A Collection Of Quotes From Pericles, Constantine, Napoleon, and Gorbachev

George Pissed About French Interference With War

The History Of The 1st Amendment

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Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao Confused By Total Lack Of Enemies

Fashion Critics Doubt Lula's New Look For Real

Northrop, Occidental To Sponsor Shakira's Columbian Tour

Powerful French, German, Russian Alliance Shows Strength By Letting US Occupy Iraq, Take Its Oil

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The M/I Hero Of The Month Award Goes To Conservative Republican Tom McClintock

Coming Out Of The Closet Award: Country Music's Integrity On Display

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Poll Results - Proof M/I Readers Are The Best Informed People Around

See Who MI Readers Picked For First Choice For President in 2004

See what your fellow M/I readers had to say about their loyalty or lack of it to the current face of the Republican Party

Rating the War on Terror

Thoughts On Speaking Out During a War

Has President Bush Kept His Promise To Be A Uniter, Not A Divider

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