JAN 16 - 31, 2004




The Democratic Debate Actually Serves A Purpose And Lets People See The True Choice Set Before Them

by Betsy R. Vasquez


JANUARY 29, 2004 – This time it was a different story.

Tom Brokaw was laying out the premise of a question to General Wesley Clark.

BROKAW: General Clark, you've been quite outspoken in blaming the Bush administration for the terrorist attacks of 9/11. You better...

Notice the trail of dots.  That is because this time Clark did not let the nonsense continue, but instead cut in and immediately set things straight.

CLARK: No, no, no, Tom, no, I didn't blame the Bush administration for the attacks. We know who did the attacks. It was Osama bin Laden and Al Qaida. But what I have said is that the president did not do all he could have done to have prevented that attack.

The contrast between the two debates were like night and day. No smears from the moderator, everyone was treated equally. And so, we had a useful event that truly gave each candidate a full chance to affect their place in the presidential race.

The biggest story of the night was answers from Senator Edwards that were incomprehensible.

Asked by moderator Tom Brokaw of NBC News if he believes we have gotten enough help from our Arab allies in the War on Terror, Edwards chose to go back to a previous point and made the following unthinkable statement:

"Can I just go back a moment ago -- to a question you asked just a moment ago? You asked, I believe, Senator Kerry earlier whether there's an exaggeration of the threat of the war on terrorism.

"It's just hard for me to see how you can say there's an exaggeration when thousands of people lost their lives on September the 11th."

Let's repeat that:

"It's just hard for me to see how you can say there's an exaggeration when thousands of people lost their lives on September the 11th."

That was completely absurd and a huge moment in this debate.  Edwards, whose weakest point already is his lack of gravitas and foreign policy credentials, now said flat out that he is incapable of understanding that, despite the fact that 9/11 occurred, the President could still have lied and exaggerated.

What does one have to do with the other?  The answer is nothing.

To stand there and assert that you can't say, "there's an exaggeration when thousands of people lost their lives," is to buy into the most basic lies of the Bush administration.  It is the sort of thing the amoral puppets at FOX News assert.

9/11 occurring did not make Saddam have WMDs, and if the President exaggerated, as the Carnegie Report detailed him and his administration doing, then he exaggerated, regardless of what else happened.  There is no connection, and no useful presidential candidate would ever assert that allowing the slaughter of American people somehow means that it is impossible for lying to exist.  What is the connection?

Absolutely this was an horrific answer.

But wait, Edwards was not done.

Asked about job losses, John Edwards tried to get folksy.  It was his moment to shine.  His father was a textile mill worker just 40 miles away from where the debate was occurring, and so he was going to show he understood things better than anyone else.

And then, he issued the following comment:

"...all this talk among politicians in Washington about, "We're going to get you job retraining program, we're going to make sure that we give you the transportation to get to a new job," say that to a 50- or 55-year-old man who's been supporting his family his entire life working in a mill."

Now, I know some factory workers.  I've known a man who spent his entire adult life doing nothing but pulling a single lever all day every day.  For years he would go to work at the factory where he worked and pull that lever.  With time, as he approached the age of 55, he started to have health issues related to doing nothing but pulling that same lever all day.

The health issues became so big he started to miss work, and, in the end, couldn't go back to pulling that lever all day.  In his late 50's, he wasn't trained for anything else, and so was forced to simply call himself retired, even though he wasn't in the financial shape nor at the place in his life where he was ready to retire.  If he had been offered job retraining, he would have been grateful.

But Edwards asserted that 55 year-old mill workers were either too stupid, lazy, or inadaptable to want or be able to take advantage of job retraining.  Many would welcome the opportunity to have a different career.  Edwards' comment was an arrogant, pedantic insult.

And yet, Edwards was not done yet.

Brokaw asked Edwards:

"...you're opposed to gay marriages and you say that, in your home state of North Carolina, you do not believe that they should have to recognize a gay marriage that takes place, for example, in Canada, or one that may, in the future, take place in Massachusetts. How is that moving the country forward on gay rights?"

Edwards, in response, gave an answer that was both offensive and incoherent.

"Because there are a whole group of issues, Tom, on which we can move the country forward, the president can move the country forward. For example, the recognition of partnership benefits, changing our immigration and adoption laws, so that they provide equality to gay and lesbian couples..."

He was asked about gay marriage, and he responded with talk about immigration laws.  He talked about adoption laws.

A)  What does immigration have to do with gay marriage?; B) If he is saying gay people should be able to adopt babies together, why can't they call themselves officially a family - even if they hold a marriage license issued by another state or country?  That was the question, and Edwards completely avoided it, choosing to ramble about entirely irrelevant and unrelated things.

Anyone who was considering Edwards really has to have serious pause at this point.

General Wesley Clark, on the other hand, had his best performance to date.  He started out the first round by using his first answer to state his case that he is the outsider who can fix Washington.  He absolutely dominated the next two rounds which related to foreign policy.  And when asked a difficult question about the judge who had been forced to remove the Ten Commandments from his court house, Clark gave an answer that sealed the deal for himself as the clear winner of this debate.

His answer finally made clear that no, Senator John Edwards is not the only southerner in this race.  Even more, it gave Clark a chance to open the door to his southern roots without being a pandering braggart, as Edwards has been at times.

And best of all, his answer was bold and direct.

"Tom, I grew up in the South and I went to church every Sunday and I did all that and I can quote Scriptures and so forth.

"But, you know, I think that we need to preserve the separation of church and state."

He didn't beat around the bush.  He didn't take minutes going on and on about his humble southern roots.  He simply laid it out in the typical understated nature of a truly confident man, and then directly answered the question.  Two sentences, and he had accomplished so much.

More importantly, he didn't pander - didn't even lean toward doing so for a second.  He could have spent a minute or so trying to appease the group of people who stood behind the judge and who aren't so fond of separating church and state.  But he didn't, and his bold clarity made a strong case for the General in an area far outside of the foreign policy realm.

And as he continued, he gave an answer that showed his views and values are inline with most Americans:

"I think that kids in school should have the opportunity to pray voluntarily. But when I was a kid in school in Little Rock, we read the Bible and we prayed in home room every morning. And it never occurred to me that I had Jewish friends sitting right there. Now I think, "What must they have thought?"

This is an answer that people of all faiths and varying strengths of religious belief can be happy with and which shows the General has respect both for religion and for people of varying faiths and beliefs.

On the other hand, John Kerry's performance tonight was sketchy and wandering.  Even more, Kerry had an outbreak of Dean syndrome, emphatically asserting that he had never said things that he actually had said.

Brokaw asked him, "How can you come South, given what you said about the Democrats making a mistake in spending too much time worry about the South..."

Kerry interrupted, claiming, "I never said Democrats made a mistake. I never said that all."

Sorry, John, but not only do we have this quote, as reported by ABC News:

"During a town hall meeting on the Dartmouth campus, Kerry noted that former Vice President Al Gore would be president if he'd won any number of other non-Southern states in 2000, including New Hampshire, West Virginia, and Ohio.

"Everybody always makes the mistake of looking South," Kerry said, in response to a question about winning the region. "Al Gore proved he could have been president of the United States without winning one Southern state, including his own."

...but there is also a video of you saying it right there on the ABC News page.


By "everybody" it is clear Kerry means every Democratic presidential candidate, which he even made clearer by then talking about the last one, Al Gore.

"I never said Democrats made a mistake. I never said that all."

"Everybody always makes the mistake..."

What is it with these New Englanders that they can't remember what it is they said - in this case, just a few days ago?  Nothing against New Englanders, because the ones we know don't have this problem.  Maybe it is just a problem with politicians who don't want to be held accountable for the BS they fling about.  They want to be able to say one thing to please one crowd and then have it as if they never said what they said when they are before another crowd.  That is why people are leery of career politicians.

And another reason why General Clark was the clear winner in this debate.  He made sure to make that case right up front:

"I want to make very clear that I'm not a career politician, I'm not a Washington insider. I am an outsider. And I'm running this race as someone who's spent his life in leadership and public service in this country. Not someone who's part of the problem, I'll be the solution to the problem."

As in a solution to the problem of people who don't say what they mean and don't want to be held accountable for what they really say, for one thing.

If in the past John Edwards had pulled himself from the fire in the September 5 debate, General Wesley Clark did that tonight.

He didn't put up with any nonsense from the moderator.  He made the case for himself early and clearly.  He got to show he is a cut above on foreign policy issues.  He got to show he has a delineated plan to deal with domestic issues.  And he got to make clear that there is more than one southerner in the race, as well as to show that he can be respectful of both religion and the separation of church and state without using some dishonest political trick.

And again, he showed himself to be the boldest and most plainspoken.

Only General Clark took President Bush to task for allowing 9/11 to happen on his watch.  Everyone else gives him a free ride.  And only General Clark clearly stated from direct knowledge that, "the (Bush) administration was determined to go into Iraq, whether or not there was any connection with 9/11; that they were going to use it as a pretext for invading Iraq."

Edwards said absurdly that there was no possibility anything had been exaggerated.  The others could only flail around about some meeting Vice President Cheney may or may not have interfered with things during.  But none could or did definitively say that the Iraq war was an unnecessary war - and any candidate who can not clearly make that case can not make the case against President Bush.

This is why the Bush administration is so afraid of General Clark - he has the goods on them.  No one else can even take a stand, while Clark can do it definitively.

Kerry once again showed himself unable to give answers that are direct and easy for an average person to follow.  Frequently he was off on rants and even seemed lost at times.  And he made, on top of his earlier dishonest denial, another bizarre statement.

Asked by Brokaw about previous comments he made with regard to affirmative action, Kerry said in his answer:

"Every statement I've ever made publicly supports it..."

Excuse me?  Well, John, tell us now what it is you say in private.

We must note here that this comment, somehow, was not included on some transcripts of the debate, such as the one they are running at the Washington Post.  We went back to the videotape just to make sure we had it right, and we do.

This is, again, the worst kind of politician-speak.  He is concerned with his record, has carefully chosen his words over the years and reviewed them to make sure he can assert that he has always said he supports affirmative action .

But in fact, as reported in a New York Times op-ed by David Brooks:

"Affirmative action, (Kerry) argued, "has kept America thinking in racial terms." It has helped foster a "culture of dependency." Further, he said, "there exists a reality of reverse discrimination that actually engenders racism."

The one thing Senator Kerry did not say last night is that he believes in affirmative action, that he agrees with it and thinks it is a good, important program.  All he said was that he, "always supported it," and that, "every statement I've ever made publicly supports it."

But there is something even worse in this if you look exactly at the exchange.  Brokaw said:

"Back in the 1990s, you expressed some reservations about affirmative action as it's currently constituted. You said that it represented a culture of dependency and that we have to reexamine that."

Back in 1992, Kerry said about affirmative action, as affirmed by multiple sources, such as the Boston Globe, that the cost of it was the creation of a:

"culture of dependency. . . . We must ask whether [social disintegration] is the result of a massive shift in the psychology of our nation that some argue grew out of the excesses of the 1960s, a shift from self-reliance to indulgence and dependence, from caring to self-indulgence, from public accountability to public abdication and chaos."

This is exactly what Tom Brokaw asserted he said.  Brokaw didn't say that Kerry was against affirmative action.  He simply say that, "back in the 1990's," Kerry had said that affirmative action, "represented a culture of dependency."  Kerry exactly had.  Brokaw said that Kerry argued back then that "we have to reexamine that."  Kerry exactly had, saying, "We must ask," whether there has been, "a shift from self-reliance to indulgence and dependence."

But when presented with exactly what he had said, Kerry, once again, emphatically denied he had ever said what he had exactly said:

"Actually, Tom, that's not what I said."

Actually, John, it is.  Brokaw said it fairly and accurately.  And for the second time in last night's debate you showed yourself to be suffering from Deanitis, the disease which causes a person to say empathically that they never said exactly what they said.

That is politics at its worst and something that calls into question the trustworthiness of what Senator Kerry tells us.  Don't give us dodges talking about what you have said publicly.  Give us straight talk, like the General did.

Last night, General Clark did what he needed to do in the debate, showing himself a cut above the rest.  He is leading in polls in Oklahoma, tied for the lead in Arizona, and in among the best financial shape of any candidate in the race.

Clearly, General Clark is among the frontrunners at the moment.  Now if he would just deal with the 900 pound elephant doing everything possible to ignore him and write him off, by next Wednesday he could be sitting in the driver's seat.

This morning would be the perfect opportunity - fresh off a great debate performance and with strong standing in the polls - for Clark to begin to comment about the non-M/I media's coverage of him, or lack thereof.  He has to be aware of it, and not to deal with it is dishonest.  And dealing with it under the current circumstances would absolutely have an immediate effect on the coverage he is receiving.

But we will have to see if the General is ready to take advantage of last night's victory or is willing to let it - and him - be tossed by the wayside.

In either case, last night the General showed us all why his is the best candidate for President of the United States.  For one thing, he is able to open his mouth without blathering nonsense flying out.  And at The Moderate Independent, we always consider that a big plus.  And in this Democratic field, it is a rare trait indeed.






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